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Military Uniforms

When nurses volunteered during World War One, they had an integral role to play as officers in the military. However recognition as an officer was slow to come. This article published in Nursing Praxis in New Zealand in 1997 examines the battle undertaken by New Zealand’s military nurses to gain recognition as officers. The fight to win this battle took from just prior to World War One to mid-way through World War Two – twenty seven years. Issues such as male domination of the military and the government, the generally accepted work of women in war and the lack of knowledge concerning nursing’s professionalism combined to create a situation whereby practical recognition of the nurses did not take place until visual alterations were made to uniforms in 1941.

Access the article here: [1]

Reference: Clendon, J. (1997). New Zealand Military Nurses’ Fight for Recognition: World War One – World War Two. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 12(1), 24-28

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